Augenkraft & The Beijing Anting Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company


My first visit to China was a great opportunity to get to know the Chrysanthemum plant.  I like this tea more than camomile tea.
It is a delicious, mild  and popular tea in many parts of China, chrysanthemum tea also has a number of impressive health benefits, including its ability to protect your heart, boost your immune system, improve vision, calm your nerves, and lower inflammation.
During my visit, the Beijing Anting Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company showed me their fields, factory and products. I also got to know the concept of the Dry Eye Bar – where the dry eyes are treated. This company focuses on the devolopment, manufacturing  of hight quality organic products.
Chrysanthemum flowers used to make this powerful tea come in a number of varieties. Traditionally, the scientific name of this beneficial plant is Chrysanthemum indicum. Unlike many other herbal teas, which use only the leaves of a plant,  chrysanthemum tea is made by infusing hot water with full flowers, which release a wide variety of antioxidants, organic compounds, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and soothing chemicals into the mixture, making for a delicious and highly nutritious drink.
There is a high level of vitamin C and beta-carotene, and subsequently vitamin A, in chrysanthemum tea. There are many different types of Vitamin B found in chrysanthemum, including folic acid, choline, niacin, and riboflavin.
How to  prepare the tea and keep the vitamins effective? The dried chrysanthemum flowers  are steeped in hot water (usually 60 to 70 degrees Celsius after cooling from a boil). For me, without sugar tastes best.
The combination  of Augenkraft eye drops and Chrysanthemum products is very effective.  You will get healthy  eyes.
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It is Tea Time: Grüner Tee gegen Grünen Star

Grüner Tee

Grüner Tee

Schon lange wird spekuliert, ob Grüner Tee die Augen vor Erkrankungen schützt. Grüner Tee besitzt viele Vitamine, Minerale und Antioxidanten, die den Körper gegen alle mögliche Leiden schützen. Substanzen wie Vitamin C und E, Lutein und Zeaxanthin werden von der Augenlinse und der Retina absorbiert und schützen die Struktur des Auges gegen Erkrankungen.

Die im Grünen Tee enthaltenen Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG) verhindern sogar das Wachstum bösartiger Krebszellen.

Die Catechine des Grünen Tees helfen ausserdem gegen Blutverklumpung, Atherosklerose, Diabetes, Schlanganfall und Herzerkrankungen.

Im Gegensatz zu Schwarzem Tee ist Grüner Tee unvergoren, d.h. er enthält mehr wichtige Nährstoffe und Antioxidanten und bietet bei regelmäßigem Trinken mehr Schutz vor Krankheiten. Beweist eine kürzlich unternommene Studie in Hong Kong. Dabei wurde getestet, ob die schützenden Substanzen im Tee tatsächlich in der Lage sind, in das Augengewebe einzudringen, um dort ihre Wirkung zu erzielen.