Heute: Unter vier Augen



Die Augen sind oft das erste, was wir im Gesicht anderer Menschen wahrnehmen. Leider sind sie auch die ersten, die Müdigkeit, Stress und erste Anzeichen von Hautalterung preisgeben. Denn rund um die Augenpartie ist die Haut besonders dünn und damit anfälliger für Trockenheitsfältchen oder dunkle Schatten. Eine spezielle Augenpflege hilft, die Augenpartie optimal mit Feuchtigkeit und Nährstoffen zu versorgen und schenkt Ihnen einen strahlenden Blick – selbst dann, wenn der Tag mal wieder länger war.

Happy Eyes all day long: eigentlich ist es ganz einfach und beginnt schon morgens im Bad. ein wohltuendes Ritual für jeden Tag. Die Augenkraft Tropfen geben Ihren Augen, das was sie wirklich brauchen.

Gute Nachricht von Augenkraft Berlin an alle Beauty & Pflege-Minimalisten: in der Augenpflege setzt man in diesem Jahr klar auf Zweimal-Anwendungen von Augentropfen (morgens und abends), die den richtig konzentrierten Hyaluron abgeben.

Hyaluron von Augenkraft ist ein beliebtes Anti-Aging-Tool, die tägliche Pflege schützt Ihre Augen unter anderem auch vor schädlichen Umwelteinflüssen. Die Tropfen kann man auch täglich äußerlich nach einer Lidreinigung rumd um die Augenpartie behutsam mit dem Fingerspitzen einklopfen, das sorgat dafür dass Hyaluron besser einzieht.

Es gibt auch neue Trends wie Augenyoga. Ich finde wichtiger für uns alle, die täglich vor dem PC sitzen sind die kleine Übungen, die die Nackenmuskulatur lockern und den Schulterbereich entspannen.

Es gibt einige Tipps mit denen Sie Ihren Augen Gutes tun können:

1.) Magnesium täglich z.B. als Brusetablette oder Minarelwasser reich an Magnesium

2.) Brokkoli, Spinat, Karotten, Heidelbeeren und Zitrusfrüchte auch als Smoothies

3.) für gutes Licht beim Arbeiten und Online-Surfen sorgen

4.) Lüften Sie mal – die trockene Heizungsluft ist schädlich für Ihren Tränenfilm

Und! Am Abend länger aufs Smartphone oder Tablet zu schauen, macht tendenziell eher wach, daher neben viel Arbeit nicht vergessen Relax, Sport und das Leben zu geniessen. #BerlinApotheke #AustrianAirlines #Augenkraft  #Berlin





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Five reasons for the use of eye drops.

Five reasons for the use of eye drops.

Your eyes are one of your most senstive and hard-working organs, so it´s important to treat them right, and that includes using eye drops with hyaluronate for your eyes. Why? Here are five key reasons:

1.) To reduce irritation and dryness. We produce Augenkraft eye drops with the pure hyaluronate. It helps your vision.
2.) Products inspired by nature are time-tested. Ideal for people who work with computers, tablets and smartphones all day long. The feedback we are getting everyday about the properties of our hyaluronate is great. The frequent travellers love them too.
3.) You dont need a medical dictionary to understand what´s in them. Hyaluronate is a natural part of human eyes, skin and joints.
4.) Going natural is easy. With high quality hyaluronate, less eye drops are needed. Your eyes feel good.
5.) After reading the four reasons above, now shape up your eyes:-) Follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look 20 feet into the distance. Recharge and refresh your eyes daily.

Happy New Year 2019


“As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape my Augenkraft business. It’s been quite a year for all us! I´d like to say Thank you all and best wishes for The New Year 2019 . I wish you joy, health and time to enjoy your life and success ”

Upgrade your care

Your eyes are going to represent you for a very long time. It´s all in the details of perfection. Just one drop. Your eyes and you.  Mady by #Augenkraft perfectly for youIMG_20181213_205328_811

Augenkraft & The Beijing Anting Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company


My first visit to China was a great opportunity to get to know the Chrysanthemum plant.  I like this tea more than camomile tea.
It is a delicious, mild  and popular tea in many parts of China, chrysanthemum tea also has a number of impressive health benefits, including its ability to protect your heart, boost your immune system, improve vision, calm your nerves, and lower inflammation.
During my visit, the Beijing Anting Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company showed me their fields, factory and products. I also got to know the concept of the Dry Eye Bar – where the dry eyes are treated. This company focuses on the devolopment, manufacturing  of hight quality organic products.
Chrysanthemum flowers used to make this powerful tea come in a number of varieties. Traditionally, the scientific name of this beneficial plant is Chrysanthemum indicum. Unlike many other herbal teas, which use only the leaves of a plant,  chrysanthemum tea is made by infusing hot water with full flowers, which release a wide variety of antioxidants, organic compounds, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and soothing chemicals into the mixture, making for a delicious and highly nutritious drink.
There is a high level of vitamin C and beta-carotene, and subsequently vitamin A, in chrysanthemum tea. There are many different types of Vitamin B found in chrysanthemum, including folic acid, choline, niacin, and riboflavin.
How to  prepare the tea and keep the vitamins effective? The dried chrysanthemum flowers  are steeped in hot water (usually 60 to 70 degrees Celsius after cooling from a boil). For me, without sugar tastes best.
The combination  of Augenkraft eye drops and Chrysanthemum products is very effective.  You will get healthy  eyes.
As always, if you have any questions please send them to me at: info@augenkraft.com
Many regards

Augenkraft Wellness for In-Flight Eyes

Laptop on the table of airplane seat

We take care of your traveller’s eyes. Being on the plane for many hours on end will take a toll on even the most frequent flyer. Dehydration is the worst part of every flight as the recycled, pressurized air (which comes from super high altitudes and has almost 0% humidity) leaves most passengers raisin-like. Here 5 tips for a long distance flights:

1.) Take out your contacts, wear glasses.

2.) Use Augenkraft Eye Drops, which are available on selected Lufthansa, SwissAir, Condor and TUIfly flights. Apply up to 5 times to protect your cornea and help with jet lag eyes.

3.) Enjoy the on-board entertainment, watch movies, read books, play with your smart phone or work on your laptop, but DO take periodic breaks from close-up activity: look out over the clouds, use the eye drops, or just close your eyes and let your mind fly.

4.) Wear an eye mask: blocking out light helps with jet lag, as light affects your circadian rhythm. It also mentally prepares you for sleep, and blocks out the early breakfast wake up on long-haul flights.

5.) Drink more water than you normally do. Stay hydrated.

Once you have tried the Augenkraft Eye Drops on your flight, you will always long to return and  enjoy flying with your eyes. Love the sky. It feels great. Pure freedom.

There’s nothing better.

Have a nice flight!


Augenkraft is true blue


Forget-Me-Not (Vergissmeinnicht) — one of the spring flowers, it symbolizes true love.

True blue is the colour of Augenkraft. As the name of the flower suggests, they are like Augenkraft Eye drops: presented with the hope the recipient will treasure it.


Many people take everyday care of their skin and hair but forget their eyes. Forget-Me-Not is the flower of Augekraft, like in a German legend, after the earth was created, God went to each plant and animal and gave each a name. As God finished and was getting ready to leave, he heard a little voice at his feet saying “what about me?” He bent down and picked up the little plant whom he had forgotten, and said “Because I forgot once, I shall never forget you again, and that shall be your name“ 🙂


The moral of this legend is: forget not your eyes.

For your eyes only –  Augenkraft – the care your eyes deserve